Shared-mobility Investment Platform 

Unlock the potential of shared mobility
with our platform that empowers easy investment in tokenized fleets,
driving towards a human-centric, sustainable future.

Our purpose

At Custowner®,
we believe in empowering our community to actively shape and invest in the future of shared mobility. 

Our tokenization platform is at the heart of this vision, offering you a unique opportunity to become a co-owner and contribute to the positive social impact of our shared mobility services.

Tokenization platform

Join us in revolutionizing the future of mobility, easy investment to the shared mobility fleets within our platform.

Start your journey towards community-driven ownership and sustainable urban living today.

Why Tokenize with Custowner®?

Community-Funded Ownership

By participating in our tokenization platform, you're not just a user; you're an active supporter of the local community. Invest in our shared mobility services and be a co-owner, driving positive change in your neighborhood.

Seamless Integration with Shared Mobility

The tokens you acquire seamlessly integrate with our shared mobility platform, providing you with digital access to a diverse fleet of vehicles. Experience the freedom of choice without the hassle of ownership.

Digital share - token

Dive deeper into how tokenization works at Custowner®. Learn about the impact you can make and the benefits of becoming a co-owner through our innovative platform.